Distribution Center

Each month, we collect and distribute fresh produce and packaged food to over 400 food pantries, soup kitchens, and programs that feed the hungry in our region.

Unlike other programs, SeaGate Food Bank never charges for its services. And since food is not the only need, we continually develop and implement programs to educate, train, support and encourage the underserved in our community.

A Snapshot of Commitment

We are thankful that Toledo’s SeaGate Food Bank has been able to achieve a solid measure of success in fulfilling our mission. At the same time, we are continually at work to improve our processes and procedures to serve more people in our regional community. Hunger is a condition that will not be solved anytime soon, but we hope to at least contribute to a better quality of life for those we serve.

Our fiscal year ends June 30. The financial snapshot below will give you a good idea of how we are working to meet our goals and objectives.

Toledo Food Bank